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Check List for Screening Home Care Providers

Use this checklist and eliminate the mystery of getting started with your agency screening process:

  • How long has this provider been serving the community?

  • Do they provide literature explaining their services, fees, and eligibility?

  • How do they train their caregivers and administrative staff?

  • Are they licensed by the state they're operating in?

  • Do they regularly consult the family in planning the care?

  • Does the caregiver document their activities throughout the day and report back to the agency?

  • Who oversees the caregivers? How are they monitored for excellence?

  • Who do you call with requests, questions, and complaints?

  • Do they specialize in your/your loved one's companion and medical needs?

  • How does the agency follow up on and resolve problems?

  • What is the billing process and are there different levels of care?

  • What procedures does the provider have in place for emergencies?

  • How is confidentiality ensured?

  • Do they take insurance?

  • What is the protocol for replacing a caregiver that becomes unavailable?

  • Who is responsible if a caregiver is injured on the job?

  • Are criminal background checks and reference checks completed on caregivers?

  • Is it possible to estimate the ongoing costs associated with care and how needs typically accelerate over time?

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