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Health Benefits from Staying Organized While at Home

Thanks to all of our efforts, COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania are decreasing. Despite this good news, it’s still clear that the safest place for seniors to remain, especially ones with compromised immune systems, is at home.

Seniors all over the world have discovered video conferencing as a means of keeping connected in addition to increased texting or Facetiming. Those individuals living with adult children may be seeing more of their families since so many of us are working from home. But what do you do when, despite best attempts, you or your loved one starts feeling stressed?

De-cluttering Reduces Anxiety

Believe it or not, organizing your life is proven to help reduce stress levels. Tons of studies, even information from the Mayo Clinic, show that simply decluttering your space can make you feel healthier and happier. Clutter makes it hard to stay focused on tasks. Taking time out to de-clutter can help us cope with some of the challenges life throws our way. Proactive ways of doing so include:

  • CLEANING out drawers, garages, kitchen cabinets, closets —even the car — can be very relaxing and feel like true accomplishments compared to watching TV. You’d be amazed the sense of gratification a de-cluttered space brings.

  • ORGANIZING photos into albums for the nex t generation is very productive. Do you have a box of pictures you’ve been put putting off reviewing for a rainy day? You’ll all take pleasure in reminiscing while helping document family histories.

  • PLANNING some special meals that you can freeze for those days when it’s either too hot out or you just don’t want to cook is rewarding. The task involves looking online or through recipe books, making lists and deciding how best to shop. Or how about researching destinations for a future culinary adventure?

When You Need a Break

Sometimes caregivers simply need to take time off. When that occurs, home health agencies can provide what’s called “respite” care —temporary relief for a caregiver by an outside source to assist seniors with their daily activities, tasks or medical needs. Reputable home health agencies like Reliance Home Health Care, Inc. make sure that their employees are adhering to CDC guidelines, including the wearing of masks and taking of temperatures. We understand that some families are apprehensive about having new people in the house and can reassure you of our safety measures.

If you’re planning a weekend away and are seeking home care for your senior loved one, be sure you are also following guidelines by avoiding touching your face in public, wearing a mask and physical distancing so that you don’t bring home infection to anyone in your household. Most health experts agree that individuals who follow necessary precautions in relatively uncrowded spots during closer-to-home mini-vacations are at fairly low risk.

Have any questions? Reliance Home Health Care, during this pandemic and always, offers flexible care plans as needed on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or live-in basis. Call us at 610-896-6030 or email

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