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7 Amazing Apps for Savvy Seniors

Seniors and their relationship with ever-changing technology is notorious, but there are many older people who are embracing the smartphone and becoming proficient with apps. FaceTime has helped families stay connected over great distances, and various alarms and calendars help the most forgetful stay on top of tasks. But the challenges of aging require extra help, and there are apps tailored to the elderly. Here are seven helpful smartphone apps for seniors.

The co-founders of Medisafe know firsthand the dangers of mishaps with medications. Their father had misremembered the timing of his last insulin treatment. He mistakenly took an extra dose, causing a medical emergency. All turned out alright, and the incident inspired the brothers to create this app to help all sorts of patients keep track of the time and dosage of their medications.

There are a lot of stereotypes about cognitive skills deteriorating as one gets older, and truth be told, this is a legitimate concern when monitoring for signs of dementia. But it’s good for everyone’s brain health to stay engaged, and Lumosity provides a resource for that with games and puzzles.

This app has a wealth of information on health and wellness, with articles and a searchable database to find and rule out possible causes of symptoms. WebMD can also assist in planning meals with dietary needs in mind.

Money management is an important task for everyone, but seniors must be particularly vigilant as their vision and memory may not be as proficient as in their youth, and there is a world of predators ready to take advantage of those vulnerabilities. This app helps track finances so that no bill goes unpaid and no bogus charges get through. Mint is a must for budgeting.

This app works to keep track of blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. Seniors can easily record these numbers daily with this app, and have a visual of changes over time. Heartwise is great to take along to multiple doctor’s appointments, so that seniors can share the health data they have collected with their medical pros.

Failing eyesight doesn’t have to cause issues with technology anymore. There are multiple apps available that make prints and fonts larger, and this one is a hit with seniors who want to enlarge words for easier reading and communication.

Keeping track of appointments can be an annoying aspect of aging. This app helps to keep track of medications, doses, health appointments, and health issues. It keeps all of the information you need at your fingertips, and users can have multiple profiles to keep track of the info of family members as well. Appointment reminders are an essential part of this app, so you won’t ever miss an important doctor visit again.

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